Best Christmas Cards To Make With Young Children

It’s that time of year again!  Time to spread Christmas cheer by sending a few Christmas cards to friends and family near and far…

I have spent the past few years searching for Christmas cards easy enough for preschoolers to make at home.  Here are my favourite cards to make with young children.  Even toddlers will be able to do a bit of sponge painting and printing on these cards.  My eldest enjoyed making the samples and printing a few for his teachers as well.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights

1. Fingerprint Christmas Lights

    Yes, it’s that easy.  Just pour some different coloured washable paint onto a paper plate or into a paint pot and let your child dip his/her fingers in the paint and stamp it onto a piece of construction paper folded in half.
    You can use a Sharpie to connect the “lights” when the paint dries.  Older children can do this step on their own.


2. Finger-printed Candy Cane

Fingerprint Candy Cane

Materials:  Green construction paper, red and white paint, and a sharpie

You just need red and white paint for this one.  You can draw a faint pencil outline of a candy cane for children to follow when they print on the paper if they need the guidance.

    For additional mathematical learning discuss the pattern you have made:  (red, white, red, white or A,B,A,B…)

3. Handprint Holly Leaves

Handprint Holly Leaves

Materials:  White construction paper, green and red paint, and a sharpie

    Paint your child’s hand green and press it twice upside down onto your construction paper card.  I like to have wet wipes on hand to get most of the paint off before we make our way to the sink to wash up.
    Paint a finger red and stamp it at the top of your holly to make the berries.

4. Hand-printed Reindeer

Handprint Reindeer

Materials:  Construction Paper, paint, googly eyes, red or black pom-pom

Paint your child’s hand brown (you can choose to paint 4 or all 5 fingers).  Then, press it onto your construction paper card.  When the paint dries, add googly eyes and a pom-pom nose.  Optional:  add red and green or red and white fingerprints around the reindeer for decoration.

5. Sponge-painted Christmas Trees

Sponge-painted Christmas Trees

Materials: Construction paper, paint, square sponge, circular sponge, sequins

I used a circular sponge to create one of these trees and a rectangular sponge to create the other.  You can use the rectangle sponge to print gifts under the tree as well. Decorate with sequins or make ornaments using a Q-tip dipped in paint.

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